nubeleaf’s Ambassador Program

We beleaf in our community and creating partnerships with inspiring personal trainers, wellness professionals, athletes, and culinary artists. We value their dedication and have joined forces with culture creatives who share our vision.

nubeleaf’s Ambassador Program is reserved for community leaders are who not only passionate about wellness, but also dedicate themselves towards health, creativity and activity. As leaders in their fields, nubeleaf’s sponsored ambassadors are examples of how people can elevate the world. Together, we can create an inspirational movement of health around the globe. They are also part of our field-testing team who use our products to create the most delicious and nutritious products available.

Meet our Team

Erica Blitz Yoga.jpg

Erica Blitz

I believe in the power to live simple + love big.

Aspiring to Gandhi’s words of “Be the change you wish to see…,” I embrace the practice of yoga to create the foundation for a balanced and healthy life. For me, health isn’t only about a healthy body, but it also includes how you nourish your soul and feed your mind.

A part of the practice of yoga is to strengthen your ability to see and to become aware of what you’re doing instead of mindlessly moving through habits. Instead of being reactive, it’s possible to actively choose how to respond to all that life presents. You begin to shift your mind from where you’re at and you start to be the change.

Erica’s favorite nubeleaf product is our Organic Red Raspberry Powder.

Erica’s favorite nubeleaf product is our Organic Red Raspberry Powder.

An international adventuress + relentless architect of possibility, I’m a treasure-hunter exploring the globe to find beauty in the hidden. I spend most of my time between Canada and the United States where I teach yoga (classes, workshops, and teacher trainings) with the intention inspire people to move + be moved.

When I’m not on my mat, you can find me in nature, writing and – through Yoga Life Coaching – inspiring others live their best life.

If you feel inspired to be part of the nubeleaf’s health movement, we invite you to apply below!