nubeleaf’s Pound for Pound Program

For every 1lb of nubeleaf’s Whole Food Powder purchased, we donate 1lb to those in need.

We beleaf in being the change. We are thankful that our company continues to grow and that nubeleaf is gaining new devotees every day! The more we connect with others, the better we’re able to effect positive change. Ultimately, we gauge our success by the difference we’re able to make for individuals, communities, and the world we share.

We beleaf in giving and giving back, naturally: giving your body the best nutrients, giving the environment one less footprint, and giving to others – including charitable organizations and genuinely great causes.

Many people in this beautiful world of ours do not have the means or access to the nutrients our bodies need to thrive to our fullest potential. This reality is why we created the Pound for Pound Program. For every pound purchased, we donate a pound of our nubeleaf fruit or veggie powder to a person or family in need. Every 1 pound of our Whole Food Powder is actually the equivalent of 8 – 10 pounds of fresh ingredients! So with each purchase, you are helping bring these important ingredients into homes of those without access to these nutritious foods. We beleaf healthy nutrition is a way of life and a right for all beings.

Because we beleaf in feeling healthy on the inside and out, we beleaf that when you give, you get.

If you feel inspired to support us and our Pound for Pound program, simply shop with us!