A Quick and Easy Breakfast Idea for Busy Mornings

Trying to get everyone out of the house dressed and ready for work and/or school is enough for most mornings. Breakfast is usually the first thing to get over looked on a busy morning and the most often skipped meal of the day. But don’t think because you are skipping a meal that you are saving on calories. New research has shown that skipping breakfast can interfere with your metabolic rate, which can lead to an estimated gain of 1 pound of fat every 7 weeks! That doesn’t sound like the best start to your day. When time is ticking, here is a quick and easy breakfast idea that you can enjoy on the way out the door – without having to make a stop for something less nutritious by way of the nearest drive-thru.


Add a spoonful of Nubeleaf’s Organic Pumpkin Powder to cream cheese along with a mix of spices — ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are great. We like it best when spread on cinnamon-raisin toast or bagel.

Not a fan of Pumpkin? Try instead Nubeleaf’s Organic Blueberry, Raspberry or Blackberry Powders instead! Delicious when topped with fresh berries and spread on whole grain toast.  Or if you’re not a fan of sweet, try using Organic Spinach or Beet Powder for added nutrients! The possibilities really are endless! Try any of the above combinations on your favorite bagel or toasted bread of your choice.

Flavored Cream Cheese Recipe

These flavored cream cheese ideas are not limited to breakfast. Create these combinations and put out with fresh veggies or gluten-free chips as an easy dip for your next gathering!



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