Lemon-Coconut Sugar Scrub

Get your skin sun-ready with this great exfoliating scrub! 


The Recipe

1 cup white sugar

1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)

1 tbsp nubeleaf Lemon Juice Powder

8 oz mason jar



Combine the sugar and melted coconut oil first, then slowly sprinkle in nubeleaf’s Lemon Juice Powder. Mix thoroughly until blended and smooth. Store in mason jars. Use once or twice a week in the shower to exfoliate away dead skin cells and allow skin to breathe and glow! 

nubeleaf’s Lemon Juice Powder is made from spray drying lemon juice into a fine powder. A very good source of vitamin C, lemons may support the immune system and enhance iron absorption. Lemons are a great natural antioxidant that is said to be helpful to alkalize the body. They are also a great support to any cleanse or detox program. 

Lemons are famous for their sour taste adding an extra zing to many favorite recipes ranging from various beverages, foods and even skincare such as body or face washes! 



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