Organic Green Tea Seed Oil (1 Gal)

Organic Green Tea Seed Oil (1 Gal)


Organic Tea Seed Oil is an organic plant oil refined from selected, unshelled, cold pressed seeds of the Green Tea plant.

This light, greenish colored oil can be used for a vast array of cooking ranging from sautéing seafood, tossed into pasta, salads or vegetables, used as a base for marinades, dips, dressings, sauces, or drizzled into stir-fry. Due to the fact that this oil has a relatively high smoke point, it is a great choice for frying as well as for grilling vegetables. nubeleaf’s Organic Green Tea Seed Oil is also used in cosmetic applications, particularly for skin care. It is an excellent moisturizer containing vitamin A, B, and E. It is easily absorbed by the skin, for which it can help alleviate dry skin problems.

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