Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

“Clear inner perception allows us to see ourselves as we truly are.” Donna Farhi

It’s time to go through our closets eliminating the clothes we no longer wear, recycle all the “stuff” that has somehow accumulated in the depths of our drawers, under our beds, and in the garage. When “Spring Cleaning” comes to mind, why is it that we first think to clear our spaces before we clear our bodies? 

This Spring, when you schedule your Spring Cleaning, consider an internal cleanse (or Detox) as well. Everyday life can often challenge our vitality and inner peace by the build up of harmful toxins as a result of environmental pollution, poor diet, lifestyle habits, and stress. If toxins we consume on a daily basis cannot be managed by digestive enzymes, detoxified by the liver, or eliminated by the immune system, they begin to build up. As these toxins accumulate, they affect every part of our body: slow our metabolism, rob us of energy, reduce our immunity, and can even lead to serious chronic illness. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to consider a cleanse.

Detoxification programs include a vast variety of treatments aimed at getting rid of impurities and improving health by modifying our diets and changing our lifestyles. With this pivotal timing of the changing of seasons it’s to our advantage to harness the change in the air to support us to make positive changes for ourselves. 

Spring is a time to cleanse our pallets, so to speak, by replacing the grounding and warming foods of a winter diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, especially greens which are rich in chlorophyll - a great aid for detoxification. Generally, during a cleanse, it’s a good idea to increase your fruits, veggies, whole grains (try quinoa or brown rice) and water intake while decreasing caffeine (how about green or herbal tea?) and limiting, as much as possible, chemicals such as food colorings, flavorings and preservatives because these substances make the liver work harder. It’s advisable to eliminate processed foods, saturated fats (bye-bye french fries and chips), dairy, and alcohol and instead increase your consumption of fiber and green foods. If you love smoothies, try adding wheatgrass juice powder, chlorella, alfalfa grass powder or kale power to your morning smoothie.

A few feel good lifestyle changes include epsom salt baths or saunas which increase perspiration and eliminate excess toxins through the skin. Before bathing or a sauna try dry skin brushing with a natural bristle bath brush or loofah to remove dead skin cells and allow pores to sweat more effectively. Massage is also very beneficial to stimulate blood and lymph circulation to rid the body of toxins. Try some deep breathing and moderate exercise such as walking or biking help to detoxify the lungs or sign up for yoga, a great way to stimulate the vital organs and encourage the release of accumulated toxins through postures that utilize abdominal compression and twists. 

Purifying your body, mind, and spirit assists you to examine your habits, evaluate your lifestyle, and inspire you to explore how making conscious and responsible choices in all aspects of your life can purify your body, mind and spirit to foster optimal health and wellbeing.

Time for a Cleanse? Do you experience:

Fatigue or low energy




Catching a cold - often

Sinus congestion

Problematic Skin Conditions  (acne, eczema)



Digestive issues

Food cravings



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